Tampa Commercial Real Estate Tenant Representation

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Save Time

There is more than 112,874,472 million square feet of office property and 174,706,382 million square feet of industrial property in the Tampa Bay metro area. Mobiliti CRE has the market knowledge and resources to streamline your commercial real estate search.

Save Money

Your primary business is running your company. How often do you lease commercial real estate space? Landlords on the other hand do this day in and day out. In most cases, they have a real estate listing agent representing them to market their property and advise them.

Find the Best Property

When you engage Mobiliti CRE to represent you, we will invest the time to truly understand how your real estate needs impact your organization. We have the market knowledge (including off- market properties) to find the property that is the best fit for your organization and negotiate the best deal.

Get a Better Deal with a Sublease!

As companies are downsizing, more space becomes available and it’s a perfect time to take advantage of office space offered at a discount, sometimes complete with office equipment and furniture. For more information, click below to view all sublease space available.

Tampa Commercial Real Estate Tenant Representation

When Should You Consult a Real Estate Broker?

Many commercial real estate brokers will advise you to consult a broker within a certain amount of months prior to a lease expiration or renewal. We believe you should consult a real estate broker any time the economy appears to be rapidly expanding or contracting, as this will affect rental rates. You should also consult a broker if your business has changed such that you need more space, less space or a new location. If the operating expenses in your lease appear to be rapidly increasing or appear to be above market, consult a broker. At Mobiliti CRE, we are happy to review your lease at no cost. Even if you have many years left on your existing lease, it might be possible to renegotiate better terms with our Tampa commercial real estate tenant representation.

Our Tampa commercial real estate tenant representation can help you with:

  • Aligning business goals with appropriate real estate strategies
  • Evaluating space needs and efficiency factors
  • Analyzing the decision to relocate vs. renew
  • Isolating potential options through competitive and leveraged negotiations
  • Negotiating superior cost savings and flexible lease terms

Commitment to Tenant

We ONLY represent commercial real estate tenants and never landlords. Mobiliti CRE will work 100% on your behalf in negotiations with landlords. We will strive to completely understand your business objectives, motivations, expectations and needs prior to representing your interests and evaluating space options.

At Mobiliti CRE we are dedicated to providing office, medical office and industrial tenants with fair and uncompromising representation allowing our clients to be confident in their commercial real estate decisions, and saving them time and money.

Tenant rep for Tampa and St. Petersburg


Alexander Perez CGC, LEED AP, LPCI, FCP, Regional Director Zyscovich Architects

I can’t say enough about Pam and her group. Response time and communication is unmatched to any other organization I have worked with in the past. We found a space in no time. Pam handled all negotiations and made the finalization of our lease possible in record time. A million thanks for being a true professional!  – Alexander Perez CGC, LEED AP, LPCI, FCP, Regional Director Zyscovich Architectsblank

Mark Pina, P.E., S.E., Tampa Office Director Bliss & Nyitray

“Worked with Pam and it was fantastic. Always a pleasure and she always hustled to get the best for us clients. Made the process a pleasure even in these difficult times” – Mark Pina, P.E., S.E., Tampa Office Director Bliss & Nyitray blank

Pablo Zilio, P.E., Bliss & Nyitray Sr. Principal/Partner

Pam Pester helped Bliss & Nyitray secure an office lease in Tampa. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. And very responsive, in a time when that is a rarity. – Pablo Zilio, P.E., Bliss & Nyitray Sr. Principal/Partner blank

E George Rosanelli, Jr MD

My month to month medical office lease was terminated on short notice. I called Pam on Monday and, by Friday, she showed me a space that was the perfect fit for my practice and reasonably priced. I highly recommend Pam for commercial real estate brokerage needs.

E George Rosanelli, Jr MD

Brian Castellano, President Lexon, Inc.

I spent many months trying to renew the lease on my existing space and to expand into adjacent space. I received two options for renewal and expansion from my landlord, neither of which was acceptable. With two weeks left before my lease expired and the prospect of having to pay significant holdover fees, I contacted Pam. She was able to eliminate holdover rent, shorten the term of the lease by 8 months, eliminate my responsibility to pay $22,000 in tenant improvements, get me a new air conditioner in my new space and eliminate my obligation to replace an old air conditioner in my existing space. I would highly recommend her.

Brian Castellano
President Lexon, Inc.

Bill Lederer


As a smaller, but growing global media and marketing solutions provider, iSOCRATES had an important decision to make about selecting its new global HQ. As our tenant representative, Pam did a great job for us anticipating our space needs and staying in touch with us well before our time of need.  Pam was more than persistent and conscientious. She is a true real estate professional who fights for her clients, pays attention to the details, and follows through. Would we hire her again? Absolutely.

Bill Lederer, Chairman and CEO

James Tatone


Pam represented AEI throughout the entire [leasing] process which was developed in an expedited manner with a schedule of approximately four months from site selections beginning in July to AEI’s official move in date of October 3, of that same year. AEI relied heavily on Pam’s knowledge of the local market and professionalism to ensure a very successful tenant arrangement in terms of location, benefits and price. AEI highly recommends Pam to businesses who are seeking representation for real estate services.

James Tatone, CEM, CRM, LEED® AP, PE Former Managing, Director
Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

Dale Chynouth


We acquired a court-auctioned Class A office building in Tampa that required on-the-ground expertise and local knowledge to complete. Pam Pester was instrumental to our investment group in providing us with timely, accurate information on this valuable asset. The deal was complicated, needed a quick close and we were very happy with Pam’s skill and guidance in getting the deal done.

Dale Chynouth, CEO
Keenan Development Group – Affiliate of Keiser University

Jerry S. Hogue, CFO


Our lease was up for renewal and we needed more space. We met with Pam on a Friday and by the next Monday, she found us exactly what we needed. In a submarket with less than 3% vacancy, she was able to locate a perfect spot near our existing facility with a rate that was 12% below market and we received a turn-key buildout. This was a win-win for us.

Jerry S. Hogue, CFO
Arbor Contract Carpet, Inc.

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