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Whether you are an owner-occupier or an investor, it is critical that you engage the services of an experienced and knowledgeable commercial real estate broker. Many times the best properties may not be formally listed for sale. An experienced broker will be familiar with all of the properties and the owners in his or her market and will be able to suggest off-market, distressed and foreclosed properties in addition to all listed properties. At Mobiliti CRE we assist our clients with all of the following:

Establish Client Goals – Before a plan can be formulated, it is imperative to understand all of the buyer/investor objectives. An owner-occupier will need to consider physical space needs, brand/image, employees, clients, competitors, location and budget. An investor will need to consider which asset classes are the most attractive at the time, cap rates, internal rates of return, geography, tenant mix and credit worthiness, location, local economy and facility condition.

Market Review and Evaluation – Once the organization’s goals and objectives have been defined, we will develop a list of the most suitable options and the advantages and limitations of each. Pertinent industry trends including vacancy rates, cap rates, new construction, supply/demand, recent sales and other market information will be compiled and analysed. We will tour the market and the preferred options will be “short listed.”

Comparative and Financial Analysis – My team will perform a detailed financial analysis of each property. We calculate the present value of each option and if appropriate, we will prepare a lease versus own comparison. In addition, we will evaluate each location based on subjective requirements such as location and company image. A detailed summary will be developed, highlighting key economic and non-economic concerns. Specific client concerns are also incorporated.

Market Information Regarding Comparables – Real estate consultants are only as good as the information they provide and successful transactions are guided by accurate market information. We will provide you with detailed market information regarding comparable sales in the market. This information is obtained through both technology as well as years of experience in the market. The information provided to you will assist you in making the most informed decision and enable us to negotiate the best possible terms.

Letter of Intent – After several rounds of negotiations among competing sites, the preferred building and/or property is selected and letter of intent terms are negotiated. During this phase, Mobiliti CRE will prepare a letter of intent outlining key business and legal issues thereby laying the groundwork for a smooth negotiation of the purchase.

Document Review – Mobiliti CRE will review the purchase agreement to ensure that all of the terms outlined in the letter of intent are reflected in the purchase agreement. In addition we will identify any problematic provisions in the agreement and generally assist your attorney in finalizing the transaction.

If you have any questions regarding leasing commercial real estate in Tampa or St Petersburg, Florida please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Mobiliti CRE is a leading provider of commercial real estate services specializing 100% in tenant representation. For assistance contact Pam at (813) 300-3337 or email pam@mobiliticre.com