Suppose you need to hire a commercial real estate broker and you don’t know any brokers nor do you have any recommendations.  How do you find a broker that you know will provide a superior level of service with excellent skills and experience?  Fortunately you need look no further than

What is a CCIM?

A Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) is a recognized expert in the commercial and investment real estate industry.  Of the more than 150,000 commercial real estate professionals in the United States, only an estimated 6 percent hold the CCIM designation.

The designation is awarded by the CCIM Institute to professionals who complete over 160 hours of graduate level courses and who pass a comprehensive exam covering financial analysis, market analysis, user decision analysis and investment analysis. In addition to completing coursework and passing exams, a CCIM must prepare a portfolio demonstrating practical real world experience.

Membership in CCIM allows a broker to compete with the big six global brokerages by providing independent brokers with access to a professional network of over 13,000 CCIM’s in 1,000 markets throughout the US and in 30 countries.  Membership in CCIM also provides member brokers with access to a suite of online technology tools provided through the CCIM website.

CCIM’s are an incredible resource to commercial real estate owners, investors and advisors and by hiring a broker with the designation, clients can rest assured that they are hiring a professional with a core level of commercial real estate competency and experience.

How do You Find a CCIM?

Go to and in the upper right hand corner click “Find a CCIM”.

For any commercial real estate needs in the Tampa Bay area please reach out to Pam Pester, Esq., CCIM, President, Mobiliti CRE at, (813) 300-2227,