Are You an Attractive Commercial Real Estate Tenant? All commercial real estate landlords have certain criteria that they typically look for in a good tenant.  Of those criteria, the most important is the tenant’s financial strength.  Landlords want to be assured that the tenant won’t go out of business before the lease expires.

In addition to financial considerations, landlords also look at the tenant’s industry.   Certain types of tenants like banks, large law firms, and major accounting firms, tend to attract a mix of other good tenants. Are You an Attractive Commercial Real Estate Tenant?

A third item that landlords look at is the size of the tenant.  While large tenants are generally attractive, a landlord may not want one tenant to take most of the building, especially if that tenant is in an industry considered to be risky.  The loss of one dominant tenant would severely impact the landlord’s bottom line.

In addition to the criteria listed above, landlords also look at the following:

  • Responsiveness
  • Occupancy Date
  • Parking demands
  • Rental history (positive references from current or previous landlords are helpful)
  • Will requested tenant improvements be reusable by a subsequent tenant?
  • Flexibility with respect to location within the building
  • Potential for growth

Before you begin looking at properties, it is very important that you have your financial information in order.  Most landlords will want to see at a minimum the most recent two years of tax returns and a profit and loss statement for the current year.  By getting your financials in order and thinking like a landlord, you can be an attractive commercial real estate tenant.

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