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The world has changed tremendously in the last few years because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This applies to both our personal and professional lives. With respect to the latter, many companies have transitioned to remote work, and this trend is here to stay. As a result, employers are now forced to rethink their workspaces. Traditional offices are increasingly not the most cost-efficient and practical option for many companies.  Therefore before you start hunting for the best location for your commercial real estate, you should consider some essential aspects. To get started, look at this guide on “What does the office of the future look like?”.

No. 1 The office of the future will focus on quality rather than affordability

Looking at last year’s commercial real estate trends in Florida, you’ll notice a significant shift in what companies seek. Specifically, more than half of the leased properties were in Class A office buildings, while the demand for Class B and C office spaces has declined. Class A office buildings are usually newer, offer high-quality finishes and amenities, and have a central location. As a result, they come at a higher cost. Business owners are increasingly willing to pay higher rents in order to entice employees back into the office.

No. 2 The office will be a bit smaller

With more and more people working from home, it’s logical for the office of the future to be a bit smaller. After all, why would you lease a vast office space if it will be mostly empty? Thus, you should right-size your office space before looking for a commercial property. First, consider the number of essential employees that need to work on-site. Second, determine the square footage that each employee needs to feel comfortable. Third, factor in how the office of the future should be configured. Once you know the minimum size you require, consider the office amenities you wish to incorporate.

No. 3 The office will be hybrid

The number of employees working on-site and remotely varies depending on your field of activity. Regardless of the number of employees coming into the office, most employers still require a physical office. A physical office allows your employees to collaborate on projects and socialize in person and virtually. Therefore, it’s time to consider a hybrid workspace that accommodates both. Forget about those wide open spaces filled with outdated cubicles and create open, collaborative spaces along with a mix of private offices.

No. 4 The office of the future will have access to more amenities

Generally, if you want your employees to come back into the office, you must make the office more appealing than home.  One way to do this is by providing attractive collaborative spaces while at the same time providing some individual offices for work that requires deep thinking.  You can also encourage collaboration by providing areas for employees to unwind and socialize.

Another way to entice employees back to the office is to lease in amenity rich buildings that offer things like restaurants, dry cleaning and day care.   These are features that are not available when working from home.

No. 5 Offices of the future will focus more on employee health and safety

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many landlords have implemented various measures to make office buildings healthier and safer for tenants. Some of these measures include:

  • Improving air filtration systems: Landlords are upgrading their HVAC systems to ensure that they filter out airborne contaminants, including viruses and bacteria.
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning: Landlords are cleaning high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, and handrails, more frequently to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Installing touchless features: Landlords are installing touchless features such as automatic doors, faucets, and soap dispensers to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Reconfiguring common areas: Landlords are reconfiguring common areas, such as lobbies and break rooms, to ensure social distancing measures are in place.
  • Implementing occupancy limits: Landlords are implementing occupancy limits in elevators, conference rooms, and other shared spaces to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Providing hand sanitizer and PPE: Landlords are providing hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves to tenants and building staff.
  • Offering virtual tours: Landlords are offering virtual tours to potential tenants to reduce the need for in-person visits.

Overall, landlords are taking a range of steps to make office buildings healthier and safer in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Seek expert help

Now that you know what the office of the future looks like, it’s time to analyze your current workspace carefully. If you own the property, you can completely remodel it. If you are renting the space and are not allowed to modify it, a relocation would be best.

In this case, the first thing you should do is hire a trustworthy commercial real estate broker. An expert with lots of market knowledge and experience can help you find a property that fits your criteria. They can even negotiate a better deal for you.

Once you find the right place, look for commercial movers in FL. You should look for skilled office movers who can pack and relocate your office outside business hours. As a result, your activity won’t be affected at all. Moreover, they’ll ensure all your expensive office equipment is safely transported.

In conclusion

The work environment has changed a lot in a very short time. Nevertheless, as a business owner, you must keep up with all the latest trends. Otherwise, your risk losing your employees and even your business. So, use this guide on “What does the office of the future look like?” to decide what changes you’re willing to make to ensure your company will continue to thrive.

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